Milan, Kid CEO, Author of Silly Milly

Yes, I really am this silly - Milan, Author of Hey Silly Milly.

Introducing the brand “So Silly”! It is brought to you by the kid author, Milan Hoy. It all started with a book she wrote at the age of 7 called "Hey Silly Milly!". Milan started writing as a result of a school career day! She came home super excited about all the career possibilities, and mentioned becoming an author. Her mom advised her that she didn’t have to wait to become an author, and that she could start now. At this point, she began to write about a character who was just as silly as she was. She thought that by writing silly adventures, she could make reading more fun for kids.

By the age of 12, Milan released her second book; “Hey Silly Milly!: Milly Meets the Advots”. As she began writing her third book, she imagined how awesome it would be for kids to have miniature versions of the Advot characters from her second book. She pictured kids curling up with a blanket and a plush reading buddy for storytime. Not only are the plush toys good reading buddies, but they also make great friends for playtime, or naptime. Parents will love how the books and merchandise help kids explore their imagination. Milan hopes that the “So Silly” brand will grow to be loved by all.